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Flag football is an entertaining sport that keeps audiences entertained and players on their toes. The only thing that makes for a more entertaining game is when trick plays are implemented into the playbook of a team and nobody knows what will happen next. And because of the rules that are specific to flag football, its often easier to run trick plays that rack up big yards and result in a flurry of touchdowns. Here are some flag football trick plays you can implement into your own playbook and use for your team.

The hook and ladder may be one of the most common flag football trick plays at any level of football. To successfully run this play, the quarterback will throw a pass to a receiver, who will then hand off or pitch to a player that is running a route behind him. Remember, once you pass the line of scrimmage you can’t pass the ball forwards; but the hook and ladder will utilize the lateral or backwards pass, especially in times when you need a few extra yards.

If you have a wide receiver who can throw the ball well, the wide receiver screen or double pass is a play where the quarterback will again throw to the receiver (this time s/he will be behind the line of scrimmage) and then the receiver will look to toss the ball downfield. Because the receiver is still behind the line of scrimmage, he is eligible to throw the ball anywhere on the field without being penalized. It should be mentioned that this play is usually best run when the defense is not in a press or blitz defense. If they are guarding your receivers right on the line of scrimmage, they can often get in the way of the initial pass to the receiver, and possibly even pick it off and take it the other way.

The reverse is such an old play, but it still works like a charm when the defense isn’t expecting it. To maximize the potential of the reverse, two receivers should line up on the outsides of the formation. Once the ball is hiked, the receivers will then run towards the quarterback. The QB will then hand off to one receiver, which will draw the defense one way. However, the receiver will then hand off or pitch the ball to the second receiver coming to him, causing a misdirection of where the play is being run. Because your offense will be prepared for this play and the defense will likely commit to the first hand-off, your teammates will be in position for blocking and opening up lanes to really maximize this type of play.

One of the most popular flag football trick plays to implement is the statue of liberty. In this setup, the offense will line up as if they are obviously going to throw a screen pass to one of the outside receivers. When defenses see this, they will likely come up and try and cheat on the pass. However, once the ball is hiked, the quarterback will then fake pass the ball to the receiver (drawing the defense further out of position) but then hand the ball off to a running back. This play is great in short yardage positions, but can also result in big gains.

The great part about flag football trick plays is that the more imaginative your coach is, the more plays he will be able to implement. The plays on this list are a perfect starting place to begin implementing trick plays, but more experienced teams and coaches will mix up their own flag football trick plays to further the confusion on the field and keep their opponents wondering what’s coming next.