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The play-action pass is a very popular football play that can be implemented at any level of the game. Whether you are just starting in pop-warner, you are in the big leagues, or you are playing flag football, a play-action pass puts the defense on their heels and opens up options to pass the ball downfield. This content will take a look at play action flag football plays and the reason that this set of plays can be so useful.

How To Run A Play Action Pass
First and foremost, it is important to understand what exactly play action is and why it is so valuable. In order to run a play action flag football play, your running back must line up behind your quarterback. Upon hiking the ball, the quarterback will then fake as if he is handing the ball of to the running back. At this point, both the quarterback and the running back must truly sell that they are using a running play, as this will cause the defense to come up in attempts of stopping the runner. Once the defense commits to the run, the quarterback will then pull the ball back and drop back into a passing stance. At this time, the receivers should be running their routes, and they should be open if the defense has committed to the run. At this point, the quarterback just has to find the open receivers for a big gain.


Play Action Options
When running a play action flag football play, there are a variety of options when it comes to who the quarterback can pass to. The optimum result will be for a big yardage gain down the field. However there is also an opportunity to hit a receiver coming across the middle on a slant play, which is especially helpful when you need to pick up a few extra yards for a new first down. Another options is for the running back, who previously faked the handoff, to run through the line and then find open space directly in front of the linebackers. Finding the running back in this area gives him or her room to catch the ball and still hopefully get a big yard gain. Another vital option for play action plays are for the quarterback to roll out after the fake handoff, and instead run the ball on his own. Some quarterbacks, like Tim Tebow, have also perfect a jump pass off of a play action play, which works well around the goal line.

The play action pass works very well at the flag football level because of the speed that is involved in the game. A play action flag football play happens so quickly that defenses must adjust to what type of play the offense might be running. And if they assume wrong and commit to the run, there will certainly be receivers downfield ready to catch the ball for long yardage gains. Be sure to have plenty of place action plays in your flag football playbook, to mix it up from the typical run or pass plays.