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The game of football has rapidly been becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Tackle football is played from Pop Warner levels and other youth league levels all the way to the professional leagues like the NFL and CFL. There are some definite limitations to the game. For instance, number of people, proper protective equipment, and the possibility of injury pose serious threats to the success of football in many areas. A great alternative that requires similar skill sets is flag football play.

Athletics have become so specialized in recent years, and not every individual has access to the newest training nor can they afford the best type of equipment that is available. Also, football is played with eleven players on the field at once, and a quality team requires many more players to be competitive. In addition, the probability of injury may cause further hesitation for participation in this activity. Flag football play provides an opportunity for those who may be limited by finances, space, resources, or other obstacles to play the game of football.

Flag football play offers a game based on athleticism and speed yet is still akin to its more physical counterpart. Smaller, quicker athletes with good instincts and reflexes may excel at this more health friendly sport. Strategy combined with the skills of the athletes creates a unique brand of football that is entertaining to watch and fun to play.

Flag football is known less for power and strength than the full contact version of the game, but there is definite strategy for success. Because the game is more about finesses and quickness, placing skilled players in key positions is important. A focus on team speed and cooperation will result in a team that is able to compete at high levels. Defensive teamwork is a must because the offense tends to thrive on shorter, quicker plays to move the ball down the field. Also, the ability to pull flags from opposing players requires quick hands and good hand-eye coordination. 

With a smaller required playing area, fewer players needed to fill a roster, and less expensive equipment, flag football is a more accessible alternative to a greater number of individuals. Playing flag football can provide numerous people the opportunity to enjoy physical activity in a competitive environment. While not nearly as popular as tackle, flag football play can be enjoyed by many people, athletes and spectators alike.


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